AREAS OF LAW – Environmental Law

Some examples of situations in which we provide specialist services:

Has your application for a works approval or licence under the Environment Protection Act been refused?

Has your EPA licence or works approval been granted for an unsatisfactory term or have unsatisfactory conditions been imposed?

Has the transfer of your licence or works approval been refused?

Are you having problems renewing your EPA approval or licence?

Have you received an environment protection order, information discovery order, clean-up order, site contamination assessment order or site remediation order which you wish to appeal against?

Are you seeking to develop land in an environmentally sensitive area or in a manner that may impact on the environment such as the construction of a dam or effluent pond?

Has your development application been refused on the basis that it will have a negative impact on the environment?

Is your commercial operation the subject of complaints or objections by members of the public? Are you having trouble dealing with the problem?

Have unexpected issues arisen following the referral of your development application to the EPA?

Do you dispute the extent of remediation of contaminated land which you are required to undertake by a public authority?

Do you require advice on how to deal with contaminated land or any form of pollution?

Do you require advice with respect to water resources and licensing?

We provide a full range of services in response to these types of issues. For example we:

  • Lodge appeals with, and provide representation in appeals before the Environment, Resources and Development Court.
  • Provide representation before the Supreme Court in appeals.
  • Provide representation before public authorities including Council Development Assessment Panels.
  • Provide strategic advice on the application process.
  • Assist our clients, from major corporations to individuals, to obtain their required EPA approvals, licences and development approvals.
  • Provide advice and representation in relation to compliance and enforcement matters arising under the Environment Protection Act in the Environment, Resources and Development Court.

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